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Source: J Med Case Rep  |  Posted 3 years ago

Enterogenous cyst of pediatric testis: a case report; Saitoh Y, Kawahara T, Otani M, Kumano Y, Yao M, Teranishi J, Uemura H; Journal of Medical Case Reports 11 (1), 207 (Jul 2017)

BACKGROUND An enterogenous cyst is a rare entity categorized as an intestinal cyst. In most cases, enterogenous cysts are seen in the mediastinum, peritoneal cavity, spinal canal, subarachnoid space, and cerebral ventricle.

CASE PRESENTATION A 14-year-old Asian (Japanese) boy reported feeling pain in his left groin, and a mass was found. We did not perform orchiectomy because intraoperative frozen sections showed no malignant findings. On histological examination the resected specimens contained columnar epithelium surrounded by smooth muscle. Based on these findings, an enterogenous cyst was diagnosed. Few cases of enterogenous cysts of the testis have been described.

CONCLUSION We encountered a case of an enterogenous cyst of a pediatric testis.

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